Thursday, June 4, 2015

new insights from a preterist idiot who has some things right comes from the preterist archive, so is part of the body of works the preterists,
who deny any prophecy remains to be fulfilled, put to their use.

however, although he misses the cue that the four beasts are not the ancient
empires but modern ones, the point he makes about the seventy weeks and the
last week is telling. But only regarding THAT part of prophecy.


I haven't finished the second part, but he makes the interesting point that
no interpreters of prophecy before recent to the early part of the 20th
century (maybe 100 years or less probably less) had related "the prince
to come" to the antichrist, or split the last week into at least 2,000
years. The desolation of AD 70 was originally supposed to happen 3 1/2
years after Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection, but because of HIs prayer,
:Father forgive them for they know not what they do" it was delayed
and thousands were converted by the Apostles' preaching among the
Jews. so a lacuna in time was added, but nothing as outrageous as
taken for granted now.


The ending of the sacrifices was the ending of their validity before God,
and a Talmudic source said that the ribbon that would change color on
the scape goat every year, ceased to do so for a number of years before
AD 70 - the same number that began at the Crucifixion and Resurrection
of Christ, though of course the Talmud didn't make that connection. I
don't have the source in front of me right now.

That doesn't rule out some end time Temple happening, but whatever the
abomination of desolation or that makes desolate is, since this is an
event apparently in future, something comparable to what was already
fulfilled in the days of the Maccabbees, it would have to do with the
antichrist likely enough. the second half of this book will probably
make a case for whatever it is. But the early Church Fathers knew
all that had happened that fulfilled Daniel's prophecy to a T regarding
the kings of north and south, yet expected it to replay to some extent
again later.

But a seven year treaty with Israel is probably not in the offing.

you guys (and myself till now) have been looking for the wrong indicators.
Meanwhile, look for Russia and China to become major presences in the
Middle East first, perhaps China is the four headed leopard, or perhaps
Russia will crush Turkey and Kurdistan (which would also fit the leopard)
will be established. Time will tell.
reading more, this guy is definitely a total preterist. But long
after AD 70 we have the beast the antichrist being predicted and
described in Revelation. And persecution of saints, tribulation
by definition. Also described in Daniel chapter 7. As I pointed
out, early writers expected some of Daniel's prophecies about
Antiochus Epiphanes and Herod to replay again.

dismissing waking as merely spiritual waking, not resurrection,
though it talks about waking from dust, is more of the
spiritualization of literal things that prophecy and bible truth
twisters always do. A jump is obviously done from Herod and AD 70
to a much later time, and Revelation fits this. John the Baptist's
preaching hardly awakened them from centuries of spiritual sleep
since many had been faithful to YHWH all that time, though he
awakened some to repentance from sin and faithlessness. But to
argue that awakening spiritually doesn't mean you will be saved
is absurd. Those who rejected Jesus could hardly be said to
have been awakened in the first place.

Rev. 12:13 and 14:5 use the phrase time, times and a half and
42 months which is the same thing. So clearly, this which was
written c. AD 100, is not a rehash of Daniel's prophecies
leading up to AD 70. There IS a replay going to happen to some
extent. Not exact, but the critically weird stuff will.

signs in the sun and moon and stars he "spiritualizes" into
referring to earthly human powers instead of the obvious literal
interpretation. This is important history, but by denying the
obvious resurrection passages of Daniel and spiritualizing
anyting thatdoesn't fit preterism, he goes astray.
2:25 AM
Mauro's claiming that the king who does not regard the desire
of women (this is Herod) is against the Messiah who all women
want to give birth to, is weak because the speaking against
the most High would already apply to his effort to kill Christ
so the massacre of the innocents is probably not the issue.
details his interesting stresses with women and he had 9 wives
throughout his life.

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