Wednesday, August 17, 2016

China to help Syria

this is more military training than boots on the ground, but they already send a ship or two
plus marines to the Mediteranean to back up Russia in preventing American shelling
of Damascus. China already quietly present in the Middle
East for years, the aid to Syria now is an increase of what they were doing already. China has
been building footholds in Africa.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Second Rib?
seems Transdnistria that eastern strip of Moldova is unhappy with Moldova
trying to keep the borders as is, and has already had a referendum with
"97.1% of participants voted for independence with subsequent free-will accession to Russia."

this being a strip of land would be like a rib. Crimea might be the first rib, it is not
long but is curved. Uncertain if South Ossetia would qualify.

the vision of Daniel shows a bear reared up on one side, and the grammar according
to one writer indicates that it is doing this in response to an outside threat. There
are three ribs in its mouth, and the RIBS ARE SAYING that the bear should "arise,
devour much flesh." Daniel 7:5 KJV.
So what looks to a viewer like a victim is cheering the "victimizer" on. This is
exactly the situation developing now, Crimea declared its independence then asked
Russia to take it in. Russia accepted. this is what the western press calls unilateral
annexation, but in the same western press while this went on slipped out the truth.

so when three such events have occurred, there will be advise to annex more, to go
to war, perhaps to protect the "annexed" lands from recovery by the nations they
split from.

UPDATE and correction. south Ossetia is looking
to have "accession" to Russia in the future, Russia isn't that interested. I was unclear
about the status. Abkhazia is moving in this
direction with Russia. If Crimea, for its bulbulous shape with a curve doesn't
qualify as a rib, Abkhazia and TransDniestria would qualify since elongated. South
Ossetia is another blob shape.  On the other hand, anything could be viewed as a "rib"
if it is viewed as captured from the perspective of outsiders.

Given that a rib is the result of some meat stripping and chewing, this situation of
warfare might take a while to develop, hence the appearance as ribs, on the other hand
this would be a picture that conveyed the number of acquisitions better than chunks
of flesh would.

Basically, assuming that Crimea is the first rib, once any two more accessions into
Russia are done, WW 3 might break out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Daniel 7 verse 12

This especially ruins any effort to fit the four beasts dream/vision into the ancient

The previous verses describes the Second Coming of Christ and the destruction of the
fourth beast, which had become the kingdom of the antichrist. then,

"As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their
lives were prolonged for a season and time."

so the other three, conquered by the fourth beast but still identifiably existing, are
existing when God's wrath is poured out on the antichrist and on his kingdom, and
when Jesus Christ receives eternal rule on earth.

The Masoretic version of Daniel 7:4 says that the eagle winged lion "was lifted
up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was
given to it." (KJV.)

The Septuagint version, from an older copy than the Masoretes used, says this:
"and it was DRIVEN FROM THE EARTH and made to stand on human feet; and
a human heart was given to it."

Both say the wings are plucked off it. This then would be something that is present
all over the known earth of Daniel's time, and is driven from those lands, from
everywhere bordering the great sea, which would be the Mediteranean, and back
to wherever it came from. yet it continues to exist. This rules out its being any
Middle Eastern or European or Asia Minor nation. Because it could not then be
driven from the earth, yet continue to exist.

Back in its homeland, it is converted from its identification with predatory creatures
and given repentance. While it retains the capabilities of the lion if attacked, it is
no longer a far ranging predator looking for something to attack. Its feet are
human not lionesque, so speed and aggressive weaponry are limited and in general
it becomes more human. And what is the human? An animal of a special kind, one
made in the image and likeness of God.

America chose the eagle (and Roman empire symbolism) as its symbol animal,
against the suggestion of the turkey bird as its symbol. The eagle is referred to as
a symbol of freedom, flying high and alone. Trouble is, the eagle flies high and
alone while hunting, and this concept of freedom is one that requires isolation,
and tolerates no equals that share the air with it. Exactly how America has often
acted often with biblical pretensions, taking what was convenient out of context.
(Sure many Indian tribes were perfectly horrible, which is why some other Indian
tribes provided scouts and aid to American soldiers in the old days. But God
doesn't necessarily use the virtuous to attack the evil.)

America is not Middle Eastern, but its ancestor Britain reshaped the Middle East
and put Israel in place and America has been a player in the Middle East for