Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Speculation, just to be fair.

Okay, let's consider other possibilities just in case. Let's assume I'm wrong,
and being a major player in the Middle East is not good enough to put
you in prophecy, you got to BE there as official presence, as in your borders
include places in the Middle East. not just influence. not just military presence
and rewriting the map, if you are not there including it or part of it in YOUR
map, you don't fit.

So on that basis, lets look at some other possibilities.

The bear is going to have to continue to be Russia, since this prophecy points to
the last times, and it is already established popularly as "the bear." Originally
an insult, slow and stupid, it was adopted by Russia for somewhat different

The eagle winged lion and the four headed leopard now become problematic.

A future Kurdistan, become an imperial force there, would likely be one of
these two. Because of the four locations of Kurdistan as a geographic region
split between four countries, they might fit. And the four fowl could be
about layers of flight if they get technologically competent, or chickens, ducks,
geese and pigeons, a popular pet or hobby in the Middle East. This is more
specific than just song birds in cages, a Chinese tradition, as the fourth fowl.

However, Rojava canton of Syria is allied to the PKK of Turkey, same
admired founding leader same ideology, and if Turkey loses control of its
Kurdistan then these would unite and there would be one Kurdistan. The KRG
run Kurdistan in Iraq is of a very different ideology and proclivity, though it
also has women warriors. what form Iranian Kurdistan would take is open to
question, but it might join with them, leaving two Kurdistans, instead of
four under an umbrella government. Or only one. The geographic designations
might remain, so this is dicey.

Kurds and others refer to themselves as lions, but Kurds also refer to the
golden eagle symbolism. So perhaps it is the Eagle winged Lion. If that is the
case, it will become a regional power, eventually get its wings plucked and
become repentant of whatever. Mass conversion to Christianity including the
Zoroastrian influenced cultists among them?

If Iran is the Eagle Winged Lion and they also have lion symbolism, then a
similar future awaits.

So either one might be the lion, or the leopard. China and Russia might well
rewrite the map, and if Russia conquers Turkey and liberates some of its peoples,
China could still be outside the Middle East as a mere military player not land
acquirer, while Russia's borders would expand to include the heartland of
old Byzantium, aka Turkey.

So Russia is the only solid identified thing here, and is fitting the picture well
so far.  The ribs that advise more action, while appearing to be victims.
Crimea for instance.

Iran is moving into Iraq against ISIS and claiming Bagdad in theory at least
as a new capital. China and Russia  if they side with the Kurds  might well
push Iran to release its Kurdistan.   They are both highly pragmatic, and the
Kurds have established themselves as the most viable local force against

If the Kurds are the four headed leopard, then the four wings might
represent among other things, four supports to them, Russia, China, USA
and Israel which has covertly supported them. 

The fourth empire will arise after ALL these are established as regional
powers, and will crush them all, and likely crush Russia in its homeland,
and the other supporters of the leopard.

But the stress going on in the Ukraine, and in the Pacific, could easily
result in WW 3 and a major loss for the USA, maybe occupation of it.

I still prefer the original scenario, because Britain-America was the means
God used to put Israel in place, and Britain rewrote the Middle Eastern