Sunday, March 5, 2017

new developments with China

Well, its 2017. my last post was August 2016. The two candidates
for the leopard were a future Kurdistan and China. The former looks
increasingly unlikely, and would need to duplicate Chinese development
in various lands to fit the picture.

China in the meantime has more trouble from the radicalized Uighurs
and has added 5,000 troops into the Middle East. Supposedly only
trainers and assistants. But this is a slow buildup. They have been present
for many years quietly in the Middle East.

It is only a matter of time before they have to take the fight against
jihad home to its origin and might have war with neighboring countries
in this matter. Though presently friends with Pakistan, Pakistan has
functioned as trainer and protector of jihadis for decades and the
friendship might crumble. Russia is getting into Afghanistan maybe,
and China could also.

The time could come when the borders of both these lands reach,
because of conquest in a defensive/reactive war, into the Middle East.
In any case they are likely to be a permanent presence in the Middle
East and be major players whether obvious or behind the scenes.