Friday, July 8, 2016

Second Rib?
seems Transdnistria that eastern strip of Moldova is unhappy with Moldova
trying to keep the borders as is, and has already had a referendum with
"97.1% of participants voted for independence with subsequent free-will accession to Russia."

this being a strip of land would be like a rib. Crimea might be the first rib, it is not
long but is curved. Uncertain if South Ossetia would qualify.

the vision of Daniel shows a bear reared up on one side, and the grammar according
to one writer indicates that it is doing this in response to an outside threat. There
are three ribs in its mouth, and the RIBS ARE SAYING that the bear should "arise,
devour much flesh." Daniel 7:5 KJV.
So what looks to a viewer like a victim is cheering the "victimizer" on. This is
exactly the situation developing now, Crimea declared its independence then asked
Russia to take it in. Russia accepted. this is what the western press calls unilateral
annexation, but in the same western press while this went on slipped out the truth.

so when three such events have occurred, there will be advise to annex more, to go
to war, perhaps to protect the "annexed" lands from recovery by the nations they
split from.

UPDATE and correction. south Ossetia is looking
to have "accession" to Russia in the future, Russia isn't that interested. I was unclear
about the status. Abkhazia is moving in this
direction with Russia. If Crimea, for its bulbulous shape with a curve doesn't
qualify as a rib, Abkhazia and TransDniestria would qualify since elongated. South
Ossetia is another blob shape.  On the other hand, anything could be viewed as a "rib"
if it is viewed as captured from the perspective of outsiders.

Given that a rib is the result of some meat stripping and chewing, this situation of
warfare might take a while to develop, hence the appearance as ribs, on the other hand
this would be a picture that conveyed the number of acquisitions better than chunks
of flesh would.

Basically, assuming that Crimea is the first rib, once any two more accessions into
Russia are done, WW 3 might break out.