Sunday, December 13, 2015

oil as hook in the jaw of Gog Magog?

Dan Bryan "Christine,
If Russia destroys Turkey, then what and where is the hook and who is it for in your world view?
I do not believe Turkey or Russia as one being mutually exclusive to the other.
We will see how it plays out. " (prefix to this is proof that Russia is not Gog Magog, but that Magog
and Meshech and Tubal are Anatolian locations, i.e., in Turkey. this refers to an earlier post at
cumbey's site, here is a better link than there )

yes we will see how it plays out. However, the test of a theory is its ability to predict accurately
something or other. Back in August,
I predicted that both Russia and China will be boots on the ground in the Middle East, and
it was after that that in fact they did. and do.

basis one, identification of the bear as Russia and the four headed leopard as China in
Daniel 7. And the rule, extractable from reading the Bible, observing what is spoken of
in prophecy, that a. everything centers on Israel the people and the land and b. to be in
prophecy you have to be either in the Middle East (including outside as homeland but
borders or imperial holdings into the Middle East, OR a MAJOR PLAYER. Britain-America is not
Middle Eastern but Britain has held ground in the Middle East, and has reshaped its map
the Sykes-Picot agreement creating the nation states we see there now. Britain put Israel
after the flesh back in Israel geographically, America has supported her. America has been
meddling in the Middle East and Egypt all along. So that means that the identification by
a couple of others on youtube, of the eagle winged lion as Britain or as both Britain and
America, can be like IS correct.

At this point someone will say "oh, Christine knows better than all the bible scholars of
centuries past." To which I say, try putting sola scriptura in practice. which you don't.
throw out the scholars and just READ the Scripture, whole chapters and surrounding chapters,
or whole books at a time. Let it speak for itself. The picture that emerges when you tie it
all together is yes Trinitarian no not mechanistic dispensational or pre trib yes zionism
is correct (aside from any excesses or abuses at times).

basis two, existing interests. Russia and China, both oil and trade and now concerns about
jihadi Islam. ISIS endangers the first and powers up the second with jihadi groups in
the Far East and Africa swearing allegiance to ISIS. russia is concerned as now Orthodox
with holy sites and some or all Christian groups in the Middle East. the UN is apparently
acknowledging or working on acknowledging Palestinian claims to Jewish AND Christian sites
(including the Holy Sepulchre) as being properly Palestinian and muslim sites. The possibility
exists of an attempt to interfere with the Holy Fire ceremony on Orthodox (Old Calendar)
Holy Saturday, which would put Palestinians on Russian radar so to speak. Or the intent
would do so. This would partner Russia with Israel, since Israel's interests are to keep
Palestinians from gaining such control especially over Jewish holy sites which are generally
also Christian because of shared interest in graves of Old Testament patriarchs.
now, basis one might be wrong in terms of this being THE time for this to play out, it might
be a dry run and fizzle, and power up again later and then play out. But fizzle or not,
you could expect some presence temporary if fizzle or permanent (with Russian borders
extended into the Middle East overrunning Turkey) if it is THE time.

The phenomenon of a hook drawing out someone to be attacked more effectively when they
think they are going to conquer, is a play you can find in military and personal brawls. In
the case of the Gog Magog war this might have some kind of play before the Second Coming,
but Revelation names it as after the devil is released after being totally bound instead
of only crippled and partly bound for a thousand years after the Second Coming.

If it plays out in prototype, then Turkey would be attacking Israel, but note the partners
in the attack Ezekiel describes are mostly NOT ARAB and include Shia Iran, which is odd for the present time. Iran considers Karbala more sacred than Mecca which makes nuclear war with
Saudi Arabia not unthinkable. Nuking Jerusalem would be out of the picture for both
because of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock issue. That list of attackers in Ezekiel 38
tends to argue against present times.

IF it plays out as prototype to the later last war in Revelation, then if I understand the
prophets right Jesus will be back on that "day" which could be up to a thousand years
maximum from then, and to some extent will intervene against the invasion. Probably to
save the Holy Sepulchre. Whether in some miraculous way or not is another matter.
It might however be a marker that sets the clock ticking.

So since the ingathering of the Jews is after the fullness of the Gentiles is ingathered,
and we don't know when that is, it follows we can't do anything near date setting, not
just on day and hour as Jesus said but on year. All talk of The Tribulation starts at
such and such a time is nonsense. Mostly from an Amerocentric view. Is our democracy in
danger? our civil rights in danger? the antichrist is near and the Tribulation is starting.
nonsense. the unexamined and false premise is that the USA is somehow a new Israel, that
as one poet or preacher claimed in the 1800s we are the shining city on a hill Jesus mentioned
in a parable whose point was visibility nothing more, sure God has blessed us and used us
but for how long? this blessing and using can be seen at times in history regarding other
peoples for a time.  America could continue as a recognizable entity under any form of
government it would still be part of the Eagle Winged Lion.

Meanwhile, the New Age movement the political side of it, is an effort to evade prophecy
and to establish the antichrist under conditions of seduction of and willing agreement by
everyone, which if successful would be a slap in God's face, so IT WILL NOT SUCCEED.

The deceptiveness and flatteries the antichrist uses to come to power should be read in
context of the little horn displacing three out of ten horns of the last empire, which
does not exist yet. Not in terms of getting the whole world to join on the basis of unity
as an end in itself. This doesn't mean the New Age Movement shouldn't be fought, merely
because its political side, The New World Order, is doomed. the NAM spirituality being to springboard the political side. the fight against it is one of the ways God will stop it. But
the total eradication of mystical type politics of one sort or another probably won't happen
until the Second Coming. For instance, there might be a Nazi overt resurgence in Germany
or in some out of the way place. There are and probably will continue various governments
that are officially in league with false religions some of which have a New Age pseudo
spirituality angle to them. But the One World Government won't happen until it is done
by conquest of all the world, including conquest of America, Russia and China, by
military force. The flatteries and deceptions used by the antichrist to come to power will
be directed at that empire AFTER it is in place, not as the means of getting everyone to
peacefully join to form that empire.

The last empire, the fourth beast, conquers the other three empires, not growing out of
or inheriting from as some who think these are the same as the statue dream say, but stamps
and crushes them they are contemporaneous. After ruling for an unspecified length of time,
this empire will apparently have a triumvirate, or be split into three joined kingdoms
under joint rule. THAT is when the antichrist will either displace a triumvirate, or
displace the joint rule and rule alone.

An example of how prophecy experts don't READ the Bible they merely STUDY the Bible meaning
verses here verses there and the patchwork result Scofield based and other study guides
give them, is that now I keep running into "the seven year tribulation."

THERE IS NO SUCH THING. the tribulation is stated in Revelation and elsewhere as three and a
half years. The antichrist's rule doesn't begin with persecution, it is only the last
three and a half years that he does this.