Sunday, April 5, 2015

Four Beasts of Daniel 7 and current events

I think it was Chris White who first cued me to the contemporaneous
beast angle on Daniel 7. White doesn't try to identify them saying that
once you understand the details you will spot them when they arise, so
I went looking for others with similar ideas.

The winged lion was identifiable as Britain America the former being
symbolized by a lion and the latter by an eagle, and language culture
and founding ethnicity are the same. Currently the USA is the major
aerospace power, but being challenged. And it is the main puppeteer
behind first the UN and especially now NATO.

The wing being plucked would point to a takedown which would likely
impact them both. Indeed, in a recent near disaster, the USA was
ready to do a pre emptive nuclear strike on Russia, and was prevented
only because the base commander followed the protocol left in place
by Hegel to prevent such an event. She was relieved of duty on a
pretext and the remark made she had no role in handling nukes. Which
is ridiculous given she ran the base and would have to do with the
orders to launch them. Obviously a coverup in play.

Simultaneously, the UK was readying to do the same thing, and Russia
went on full alert and Putin disappeared for a while, because the
Internet traffic that incl. military stuff was routed through the Ukraine,
and Russian intelligence picked it up.

A vague report from a forum on this sort of thing, was said to have
incl. that there is a signal operating when the Russian "dead hand"
doomsday device is operating, and it had been offline a while. That
was probably when the decision was made to attack.

The dead hand is a system that would launch counterstrike even if no
one gave the order. It would detect a nuclear attack by three criteria
its sensors picked up, and launch without being given an order. So
the deaths of those who could give such orders would not stop this.

Presumably it is back online now. Back to Mutual Assured Destruction.
A good deterrent.

This event shows that USA and UK can and do work together. UK has
been beating war drums lately a little.

The second beast, a bear, is noted by Chris White as being lifted up
on one side grammar indicating it is not rearing up but being lifted by
forces affecting it, which he thinks are what are saying to arise and

So what is Russia doing? Russia is going into a more and more
aggressive mode, but it is being forced to do this by external forces,
the expansion of NATO to its very doors, and the Kiev putsch
designed to cut off its Black Sea access, which would cut off its
Mediteranean access which would stop its interference with US
designs on Syria. Russian and Chinese warships were patrolling
and I think China announced it was going to be permanently
present in the Mediteranean.

The only analyst I have seen try to identify the leopard, claimed
God told him to get a newspaper or something like that, and he saw
an article on the German Panzer tank, so he figure Germany was
the leopard, i.e., Nazi Germany, and that's over. (Panzer means panther,
i.e., leopard.) This cannot be correct, because the beasts are
contemporaneous, because the fourth beast crushes ALL of them.

It is of course possible that the tank is a hint and the leopard will
be using German tanks. India acquired the modern version, so it
might become the leopard. It is working on space activity and of
course has military and civilian aircraft. Leopards exist in India.
But patient stealth and waiting and then sudden attack are not a
feature of Indian reputation over the centuries.

Someone reported such an Indian tank in China, but more importantly
China has incorporated German Panzer features in its present top of
the line tank.

China would fit the leopard in terms of character and being leopard
habitat. Four wings are of a fowl, not an eagle, so might refer to the
birds it primarily uses: chicken, duck, goose and assorted pet birds.
Four heads are more of a problem. Four phases of its history maybe
that contributed essential things to its present condition? or four
loci of power? China has been positioning itself in Africa, Mexico
and South America, though not so extensively in Mexico that this
could be a locus in near future of political power. It is a major customer
of Iranian oil and supports Iran and Syria against US regime change
plans. China also has a jihadi problem it is aggressively addressing,
and might end up invading the Middle East to put a stop to it.

Another candidate might be a near future Kurdistan, definitely four
loci of power, the Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sections. In this
case the four wings might represent four external sources of support
that empower it, and perhaps even such technological development
to have great aerospace capability.

But China is way ahead in this. Civilian, military, and near space
and in future could go to deep space.

I think China is more likely the leopard.

Russia has annexed Crimea, by Crimean request. South Ossetia
has essentially joined Russia by a recent treaty of integration. eastern
Ukraine will probably follow suit at some point.

The ribs in the bear's mouth would seem to be victims, and this is
how these places are viewed by the media, but they are not victims.
Russia is being forced into an aggressive stance, being practically
encircled. South Ossetia, Crimea and eventually eastern Ukraine
will probably encourage it to attack, or advisors from these
locations will do so.

At this point, eastern Ukraine becoming a viable independent state,
which then is accepted into Russia (it already asked and Russia
refused), would be the likely start of a major war.

US is already sending arms to Ukraine-Kiev. This might go on as a
proxy war for some time. But if eastern Ukraine becomes the third
rib, some of Europe will support Ukraine-Kiev and others incl.
Germany will play neutral or support Russia.

At this point, advisors from these places, or their local governing
bodies will advocate Russia annex Europe to render it harmless,
and direct war with USA and UK will ensue.

And USA/UK will lose. the wings being plucked may well refer to
destruction of our military flight capability, probably by destruction
of satellites that the military increasingly depends on. Not to mention
EMP. (electromagnetic pulse from a nuke, or from a directed energy

USA/UK will repent of their sins and go on in a reduced conditon,
but not nonexistent, or at least USA will. UK might get occupied and

So that's my take on all this.