Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Winged lion of Venice - an eagle's wings and transplanted to England

re reading Webster Griffin Tarpley's Against Oligarchy, an online
book at his page I decided to have a look at the
St. Mark's lion of Venice.

Venice claims St. Mark as its patron saint and this saint has been
equated to the lion in four headed angel of Ezekiel's vision. But
this lion was not made in reference to St. Mark but is older.
Aside from modern repairs after two destructive incidents, bits
and pieces of it date centuries BC and it seems to have been
constructed c. 300 BC.

"The Lion sculpture has had a very long and obscure history,
probably starting its existence as a winged lion-griffin statue on
a monument to the god Sandon at Tarsus in Cilicia (Southern
Turkey) about 300 BC.[2] The figure, which stands on the
eastern column, at some point came to represent the “Lion of
Saint Mark”, traditional symbol of Saint Mark the evangelist."

as you can see, it has an eagle's wings.

the face is not typically lionlike, a wider mouth and blunter nose more
like some mythical creature, or the lions of Chinese style, which since
they had no lions they modeled on the pekingnese dog, when having to
do Buddhist symbols.

It is however eagle winged lion.

so the Venetian monster described in the other chapters,  became the
backbone of Britain from which came America. Britain is all about lions,
some of them winged, and America is symbolized by an eagle, a bird of
prey.  America is British linguistically, culturally and in its founding and
primary power element till recently, ethnically. Britain itself is of Celtic
Norwegian and Danish origins.

Tarpley  is pathetic regarding Byzantium and Orthodoxy and anything
east of Venice, but an expert on Venice and western Europe.

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