Monday, May 18, 2015

Beware whatever is under the sphinx and/or great pyramid

I just bought a kindle version, 13.99, of an interesting book and
am in the process of reading it. the Secret Chamber Revisited: the
Quest For The Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt by Robert
Bauval. This is a rewrite and update of an earlier book by I guess
the same title.

in the hermetic books there is a strange prophecy, while Thoth
buries his secret books in Monte Libyco, he says that after the earth
has been "purified by flood, fire, and plague," then "those gods who
ruled the earth will be restored, and they will be installed in a city at
the furthest threshold of Egypt, which will be founded toward the
setting sun and to which all human kind will hasten to by land and by
sea." And in another text he says that this city of the "gods" will be
"in a very great city, in Monte Libyco."

Libya in ancient times was everything west of Egypt. Thus
diodorus Siculus writes of the Libyan Amazons referring to those
who came from an island in the Marsh Tritonis, fed by the River
Tritonis, which was later inundated in a cataclysm and became the
Lake Tritonis. This is now the Schott el-Djarid in Tunisia. So
"Libya" in ancient terminology incl. Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and
Morocco in modern terms.

nothing good comes out of Egypt. Biblicaly it was a picture,
along with Sodom, of evil. In Revelation, Jerusalem is referred
to as spiritually named Sodom and Egypt. (Identified as being
Jerusalem because it is stated that this city is where our Lord Jesus
Christ was crucified.) In the Book of Tobit, whether this is a real
story, or a semi fiction drawn from an actual incident, in which
case the core details are correct, a terrible demon was bound by
the angel Raphael somewhere in Egypt.

Egypt has always been a major object of interest to occultists
along secondarily with Babylonia. Egypt is a lot more colorful
and left more readily visible remains, and a cultural continuity
into Christian times and a linguistic continuity (Coptic) into
modern times. Freemasonry in its third degree or maybe its
the royal arch degree, announces that the secret name of God
is "Jah-Bul-On," Jah being the short form of Jehovah, and
thus blasphemous equating YHWH with the false gods He
hated, baal (bul) and osiris  whose cult was apparently
headquartered at the Egyptian city of On, aka Heliopolis.
I suppose the only reason they bothered to incl. Jah in all this
was to give that aura of respectability given by the heavy
focus on biblical symbols and even names, and the ladder of
Jacob's dream which is a big deal in masonic symbolism.
JBO is the initials if you see this this is what it means.

Remember I figured the last empire would come from Africa,
and that it might be a revived Egyptian paganism or something
similar. I wrote that before I read this. I AM NOT A PROPHET.
I merely connect dots. If the other attributions of the other three
beasts are correct, they come from west, north and east
respectively, so the fourth one has to come from the south, from
Africa, most likely from Egypt.

This is not a book written from a Christian perspective by any
means, but it is something Christians should take a look at.
Thoth and his cult seem identified with Asculapius, the only
pagan "god" to be into healing and that for free, just a gift. the
shrine or cave with fumes where people went to sleep and
dream perhaps get some information in the dream on how to
deal with their illness or maybe get healed, maybe some herbal
skills from the priests there, was unique in the ancient world.
When Julian the apostate tried to revive paganism, he found
that to compete with Christianity he had to get the reopened
pagan temples to engage in charity. (like run a food closet.)

HELP. Asculapius was unique in being of medical help and
was associated with a snake. It was a lure to those more
pragmatic than pious perhaps, who wanted something concrete
from their false gods. This demon gave them that, likely with
more problems later. Kurt Koch wrote a huge book, documenting
how healings done by occult means whether of humans or
animals always resulted in trouble for the humans later, or in
the next generation: this might take the form of a mental or
moral instability (totally compatible, as one person pointed out
to me decades ago, "what does morality have to do with mental
instability?" the context of this was that to draw too much a
distinction between mental instability and immorality was wrong,
that you can't have much morality if there is a lot of mental
instability. St. James in his letter points the same thing out.)
These people or their grown children years later might develop
alcoholism or other addictions, divorce and insanity and diseases.

In the Bible somewhere it says to seek to YHWH Who gives
good gifts without a curse attaching. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

and I doubt Asculapius healed without a hidden curse attaching,
which became evident later.

This purging of the earth with fire and flood and plague may refer
to the times of the fourth horseman.

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