Sunday, May 17, 2015

The lion about to get its wings pulled off?

Chris White first cued me to the Contemporaneous Beast View
of Daniel chapter 7. That they are contemporaneous is shown by
the fourth beast trampling the other three. This is not merely a
fourth empire that has elements in it inherited from the previous
empires, but one that crushes and stomps the other empires.

So this is not a rehash of the statue dream. That's over and done
with, ten toes and all.

China (and Russia) have been working on "killer satellites" that
can take out other satellites. This means that in a war, where the
US and its puppet NATO depends on having the high ground
of space, for command and control purposes, will not have that
high ground very long. this will cripple ground troop and even
some sea movements, and the air attack capability. Whether it
would affect missile targeting and delivery is another matter.

The lion losing its wings is not about USA separating from
Britain, because this results in a weakening, while the British
Empire reached its peak long after that, "the sun never set on
the British Empire" meaning that it had holdings all over the

The loss of the wings does make the lion weaker, and also
less beastial, more human. So this development does point in
the direction of the equation of the winged lion with Britain-
America being correct, and the wing plucking to happen,
perhaps in our lifetimes.

I don't want to be like those breathless prophecy "experts"
who are pointing to the tribulation around the corner. The
very idea of a news program like some had, which puts the
daily or even weekly events into a biblical context, is absurd
to me, because these things play out much more slowly
than would allow anything but an occasional monthly or
even yearly update. Certainly not a news program, with
imitation of worldly stirring music appealing to the desire
of carnal Christians to be like the world in entertainment
and news programming and whatnot, inhibited for a while
but now its okay because biblical gimmickry is in play.

A few years back, China or Russia I forget which,
successfully tested a killer satellite on one of their own
satellites, put up in orbit for that purpose. Now the news
is that this program is progressing a lot more.

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