Saturday, November 1, 2014

Daniel Revisited book review

Daniel Revisited by Mark Davidson
This writer has done some good research, but he is making some
bad mistakes.

Legio X that destroyed Jerusalem and The Temple were Syrian
and Arab, Titus gave remarks identifying them as such.

Hubal was the god of the Quraish, H'bal was how baal was said,
and allah is basically “the god” meaning whatever god you were
talking about so hubal was allah of Quraish and of the Kaaba, the
main one there, and appeared as a man. So did “gabriel” who
acted like a demon. Islam is repackaged baal worship.

The people of the ruler to come would then be Syrian specific
or Arab in general. However, might be an Arab who had Jewish
ancestry of the tribe of Dan, born in Rome with Roman
citizenship from an unchaste nun and the Arab or Syrian man,
and himself technically islamic or even Christian, in theory, a
nominal, who becomes a regional ruler in the northen segment
of the last empire, and rises to power in that empire, displacing
other rulers or annexing their regions.

Islamic Antichrist errs in assuming that the statue dream is from
the perspective of Babylon, and Rome in having power over
Babylon even part of the time conquered it, and the wording
doesn't require the kind of total conquest the writer ascribes,
and Rome did conquer Ctesiphon at least once.

It is unreasonable that Rome, which ruled over Judea, would not
be in prophecy, and it is in its day that the eternal kingdom is
set up Christ's first coming, not in the days of Islam.

The first horseman who conquers is probably Islam, and/or the

That the ram vision has to do with Antiochus Epiphanius does
not rule out it being end times also, that the former was a
prefiguring and will play out again, because Antiochus did
fulfill all these points or most of them.

One of the biggest weaknesses of this writer is that he ignores
the Scriptures which SAY THAT THE RAM AND GOAT
GREEKS. No end time relevance.

The deep leafy green implication of chloros of the “pale” horse
being the islamic green, might be legitimate, and the fourth
of the world equating to islamic held turf looks like a fit, so

some of this may be islamic persecution of Christians and Jews

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