Thursday, October 9, 2014

4 beasts of Daniel 7

I am of the opinion, that Daniel chapter 7 is not a rehash of the

statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar, which ends in the establishment

of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, but is about end time empires

since the vision of Daniel 7 segues into the Second Coming and

the Last Judgement.

A few other prophecy interpreters are getting wise to this also, but

so far I haven't seen the entire picture I paint from it.

rule number one, to be in prophecy as anything but a minor

mention if that, you have to be a major player in the Middle East,

because prophecy centers on Israel in particular, and the Middle

East in general. With the Eagle (America) winged Lion (Britain

and the aggressive predatory nature of America its language

and culture and origin being British) being America, or America-

Britain-NATO, evidently this is going to be taken down, but not

to total destruction. This beast has the wings plucked off it, and

made to stand up like a man, and a man's heart given to it.

So it becomes human like instead of beastial, and repents.

If these beasts relate to the last days, then we need to look at

what they mean to people now. How anyone relates a bear to

Iran I don't know. It is obviously Russia, and it has three ribs in

its mouth, and the RIBS are telling it to eat a lot of flesh, looks

like Russia will make acquisitions that are viewed as victims,

but are not, and that will encourage it to move more aggressively.

Russia has already had clashes with Turkey in past centuries.

And is currently poised to protect Assad of Syria, and China has

backed this, and also backs Iran, being a major buyer of its oil.

But that's not being a major player in the Middle East. Yet.

what might draw both of them into the middle East like ugly on

ape, is developing now. ISIS/ISIL/IS. This jihadi element and its

buddy Boko Haram engaging in near identical behavior and

setting up its own caliphate sort of, is making friends and converts

all over Asia and has agents in Europe and elsewhere. The ISIS

supporters who attacked Kurds protesting in Germany a little while

ago incl. people from Chechnya. China has already taken strong

action against the jihadi separatists among Uyghurs.

To solve a problem, you take the fight to the home base.

That would mean sooner or later, China will invade the Middle East

to crush ISIS, and Russia will probably do so also. They would

certainly support each other in this, and Russia might invade to

protect Assad.

So the groundwork for such events is being laid now. Crimea I

think is one of those three ribs. Eastern Ukraine or Novorussya

I think it is calling itself now, has requested to be admitted to

Russia, but Russia has (so far) refused. What the other two

ribs will consist of I don't know. Perhaps it is not meant to be

precise, perhaps something about Crimea qualifies as three ribs

not one.

Maybe all this won't play out yet. But maybe it will.

China is the most likely candidate for the leopard (current range is

in China as well as Africa) and it has four wings "of a fowl," not

of a predatory bird. China is well known for chickens, ducks, geese,

maybe they are breeding turkeys or some other fowl now. Four heads

would point to four loci of power and China has been positioning

itself in Africa, South America and Mexico or Central America.

The first head of course would be China itself. wings might

also point to flight capability, military, civilian, near space and deep

space. It is certainly positioning itself in these categories. My guess

is, the end won't come until after China has bases on the Moon

and Mars maybe outside the solar system.

The fourth beast is indescribable and has teeth and talons of metal.

It will crush the other three, though they continue to exist. All these

beasts come out of the sea, which is probably the Mediteranean.

If the prior attributions are correct, then they come from west, north

and east. So the fourth comes from the south, from Africa.

The predator observed by Daniel might be a dinosauric thing, something

that will be discovered in the jungles of Africa eventually, and become

a national symbol. Something he was not acquainted with, not even a

chimera. This is why I think it is dinosauric.

Whether this empire will be islamic or not is anyone's guess.

But it is out of this empire that the antichrist will come. Since it will

conquer all the other empires, it will certainly hold all land in the Middle

East or most of it, and much of the lands of the other beasts, though

perhaps not all.

Therefore ALL the speculations about the antichrist (except that

he is not an individual but a system) could be correct, he could be

of any ethnic origin, any religious origin, and any geographic origin,

and be a local ruler under the empire's ruler in some northern

section of the Middle East when he comes to power.

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