Monday, November 3, 2014

yes Babylon WAS reduced to ruins

this article shows that, contrary to a lot of modern interpreters, 
Babylon WAS destroyed, not by Cyrus but by repeated invaders 
after him. Since it was to be destroyed to not be inhabited again, 
and is only ruins, only some outlying villages remain but not the 
city, at one point travellers couldn't even see the ruins and 
weren't sure it ever existed, this is not going to be end time 

The theory that Jerusalem is end time Babylon fails because of 
Revelation saying that it is spiritually called Sodom where Jesus 
Christ was Crucified.

That leaves Rome as a possible, but NOT A ROMAN CATHOLIC 
ROME! if Rome is end time Babylon in Revelation it is not a 
Roman Catholic (or any kind of Christian unless maybe 
hyper charismatic of the Bethel Church in Redding, CA 
sort) Rome. The reason is, that this looks like a revival 
of paganism (not disguised paganism as detractors of 
Romanism like to call it) and Reconstructionist Paganism 
is working there now. Reconstructionist Paganism take 
archaeological and historical information, and attempts 
to recreate accurately (not in a misty eyed New Age sense) 
the paganism of pre Christian cultures, thus, Celtic 
Reconstructionism, Slavic Reconstructionism, Aztec 
Reconstructionism, etc. etc. 

The Greek form was granted legal status in Greece some 
years back, followed by a rash of fires I think was the 
wrath of God. The Roman Reconstructionism is working 
in Italy. Since I haven't been on the yahoo egroups that 
specialize in any of this for several years, my information 
is out of date, and unless the movements collapsed I can 
only assume they are gaining more ground. 

These appeal to ethnic pride and a sense of antiquity and 
basically all argue that a people should worship their 
ancestral "gods" and not Jesus Christ.

while there is evidence that "Babylon" was a nickname

given by Jews to Rome, and that likely Peter did refer to

Rome when saying "Babylon" since in those days Christian

and Jewish pop culture were the same, that doesn't mean

the Vatican has anything to do with this. (It is not even on

any of the seven hills of Rome, and is outside both modern

and ancient Roman city limits.)

There might be other options. Or Babylon the Great a mystery might 
be what Mark S. Watson called a "moving stronghold," a spiritual 
stronghold that relocates when its host is destroyed, and he and 
others figure it is currently USA or at least New York City.

Wikipedia shows that of all the cities in the world built on seven hills, 
USA has TWENTY of them. The 20 cities listed incl. many I know 

nothing about, but the ones I do know something about are 

part of the great evil so "Babylon" might refer to a network of 

cities involved in this, with NYC at the apex. Other possibilities exist, 

this might take longer to play out than most think. 

Mecca as Babylon fails because nothing that happens to it would be 
visible from the ships at sea, unless some cataclysm turns it into a 
deep water port in future.

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