Sunday, April 9, 2017

Driven from the earth?

Well, things have been moving along. You may remember from
an earlier post, that Daniel 7:4 says of the lion that it was lifted
up from the earth, but that the Septuagint, which often resolves
mysteries in the Masoretic text, says

"The first was like a lioness, and it had wings like an eagle. I
looked until its wings were plucked out, and it was DRIVEN
FROM THE EARTH and made to stand on human feet: and a
human heart was given to it."

"the earth," eretz, is sometimes better translated the land, and in
this case certainly can't mean eradicated from the whole world,
since events happen to it after this driving out. So it is something
that operates in the Middle East but is driven back out of the
Middle to wherever it came from.

Trump, buying into the neocon lies about Russia, has launched
a strike on Syria however ineffective, because of the gas attack
most likely done by rebels. (Also apparently believes the lie
that Russia annexed Crimea when in fact Crimea declared
independence and asked Russia to take it back in, it having been
Russian for 300 years until Kruschev moved it from Russian to
Ukrainian jurisdiction.)

Although he warned everyone incl. Russia of the strike, except
China, Russia is real angry and has said it will respond militarily
to the next such move.

This is a framework in which the prophecy could play out, the
USA could be driven from the Middle Eastern eretz.

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