Monday, December 29, 2014

China opening move in the Middle East?

From twitter, "China plans to open a consulate in Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil
in the next coming days."

To be in prophecy you need to be a major player in the Middle East. At present,
a future Kurdistan and China are neck and neck to be the four headed four winged
leopard of Daniel 7.

Both would fit the bill, but China is far enough away you wouldn't think they
would be a presence there. Britain and America have (with French help) shaped
the Middle East and created the groundwork for modern Israel, with the Balfour
Declaration and previous maneuvering with Turkey and Saudi Arabia getting
their support for a Jewish homeland there.

Russia has tangled with Turkey in the Ottoman past, and might do so again.
Currently it is working on a pipeline deal. And has prevented American bombing
of Assad and interfered in the regime change planned. The possibility it would
become a major permanent presence in the Middle East exists. Russia and China
both support Iran and Syria, because of oil concerns.

Russia is popularly viewed as a bear, for the past several centuries.
Astrogeography is an issue, because Ursa Major travels overhead above Russia
as well as North America. But American and Britain (the eagle's wings and
the lion body and head) is already accounted for, it can't be the bear. Since
Daniel 7 seques into the Second Coming of Jesus Christ it has to be viewed
in terms of what would its beast symbols possibly refer to NOW?

Because even if all prophecy experts are wrong on everything, one thing
stands out. Daniel 12:4 says what will characterize "the time of the end: many
shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

That is definitely now. It is too worldwide a phenomenon, and escalating,
for the past 200 or 300 years, to not fit this. Even if once in past it was
comparable, or local trends here and there, the present scene of travel and
the increase of knowledge is not then but now, and unprecedented as an
ongoing, not crop out brief, phenomenon.

If Kurdistan is not the leopard, though it might be one of the heads or
wings on the leopard, it could easily be the foothold of China and Russia
in the Middle East. If they especially China give it support and technology
and it becomes a power, they especially China in its fight against jihad,
will have reshaped the Middle East and helped the creation of something
that will likely be a player to the end.

This is speculation. The bear's role so far has been minimal.

Prophecy writers and fans will howl and scream at this, because they
blindly think our various western nations' history is all that matters, and
the bear has played a big role. But not so much in the Middle East, and
that is the center of the world, the rest of us are in the periphery and
the "islands," the huge chunks (incl. continents) that broke off the original
one solid land mass. (aka pangea, but the reason I think this is not from
the scientists so much as Genesis chapter 1.)

So time must pass and Russia be a major presence in the Middle East,
and whoever the leopard is must develop as such, either from a small
element already present, or as a foreign element that becomes a presence
such as China.

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