Tuesday, September 2, 2014

forget the statue, look at the monsters.

We are told that the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream, relates to the end times, that it is yes, about the ancient civilizations, but that somehow the feet with mixed iron and clay toes, is about today, that there will be a revived Roman empire. Postmodern Prophecy Paradigmers add nephilim hybrids to it, with the issue of mixing with the seed of men, but this relates to how Rome incorporated many other nations and peoples into itself. Eventually even non purebred Romans were rulers! This was partly an effort to maintain the empire, to fit everyone in and make it stronger, but this failed.

And a great boulder appears, and beats the whole statue to dust, and this is the Kingdom that will be set up in the days of the iron and clay feet.

This is the first coming of Jesus Christ, Who set up His Kingdom then, and died and rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven and will come again from thence with glory, and bring the Kingdom into full reality. We look for a city yet to come from Heaven, we are not citizens of this world, except provisionally, conditionally. No citizenship for us in any city state or nation except as secondary to this.

But interpreters confuse this with the Second Coming.

In Daniel chapter 7, we see four beasts come out of the sea, and the whole thing segues into the Second Coming, because the Last Judgement is shown also.

For some reason interpreters have assumed this is just a rehash of the statue dream, and these are ancient empires again, and that there will be a revival of the Roman empire at the last.

Maybe maybe not, but the statue is about the past. It is over and done with, all of it. The four beasts are about the present and future.

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