Saturday, July 16, 2022

Daniel chapter 7 looks like its for now

 The four beasts of Daniel are almost (but not quite) universaklkly viewed as ancient kingdoms, but they aren't. Verse 12 says that three of the four would be allowed to continue for a while, after the Second Coming of Christ whenthe fourth beast is destroyed. So this is ot ancient. 

Chris White on youtube cued e to this but he didn't try to identify them. I did. 

winged lion, US/UK/NATO bear Russia and leopard either China or India more likely China unless it takes a fall and India takes its place.

THE BEAR HOLDS RIBS IN ITS MOUTH,which at first glance would be victims. (remember all that talk about unilateral annexation of Crimea? BUT THEY ASKED RUSSIA  TO TAKE THEM IN.) Ditto Donbas will soon be called violently annexed.

But in Daniel the ribs are cheering the bear on, and telling to go forth and devour much flesh. These are not victims.

the winged lion (or lionness in LXX and the lioness does more hunting than the lion) will be driven out frm the earth, yet still is around, so it is not destroyed from all the earth just from the Middle East. One way or another the USA will be kicked out of the Middle East. Soon.

An alliance is forming in Africa that will probably take another 50 years to becme a united country, and all parts have English as either the main language or one of the major languges. there is a beast referred to as having the MOUTH not head but mouth what you speak with of a lion. The lion represents English speaking or English speaking country dominated coalition. 

The fourth beast will come out of Africa, conquer the whole world mostly, and in its last days a triumvirate will rule it which will be displaced bythe 11th horn, the antichrist.

Monday, September 16, 2019

will the antichrist be a communist?

the usual view is that the antichrist will be come kind of "collectivist,"
interfering with individual rights. But there is nothing said specific
about that in prophecy. And the requirement of having worshipped
him and received his mark before you can legally buy or sell, is not
communist except as a term of opprobrium.

All this does is put a requirement on participation in the economy,
it does not describe the economy. It could be communist, with the
buying and selling having to do with things allowed in the controlled
economy, or it could be laissez faire capitalism the only proviso is
that to be legal to participate one must have the mark of the beast.

Friday, June 29, 2018

the Leopard moves into Africa

China is increasing its presence in Africa, incl. military presence. the reason is
the role of northern Africa in the new silk road.
Remember that the beast in Revelation is described as having the MOUTH not head but
mouth of a lion (English speaking? or some Anglo American connectible pretensions ?)
the feet of a bear (someone observed that feet are a bear's weapons) and the body of a
leopard (infrastructure).

The fourth empire, the antichrist's kingdom he takes over by flattery towards its end as its
last ruler, will come out of Africa.

China already has a military base in Africa (its first) in Djibouti, and is planning a new
dock there large enough to accommodate destroyers and suchlike.